Quick and Easy Plant-Based Recipes

Vegan Homemade Pizza

Raise your hand if you love pizza! How about Vegan Pizza? If you’re saying that vegan pizza isn’t a thing, get ready to be amazed! Not only is it real but it’s easy and delicious as well. Honestly, vegan pizza isn’t that hard, because you just have to find alternatives for the cheese and meat […]

Easy Vegan Dumplings

Who doesn’t love some fresh, pan-seared Asian dumplings? Well–good news–making them yourself isn’t actually that hard and I’m proof that you can throw it together pretty quickly, once you master “dumpling-folding techniques.” If you don’t know how to fold dumplings, just Google it! There are many different ways, but I learned the triangle and rectangle […]

Vegan Chickpea Salad

This is one of my favorite go-to dishes that can be used for salads, wraps, and sandwiches. It’s quite easy to throw it together, makes quite a lot of servings, and so yummy. An easy way to think about it is as a plant-based “chicken salad” using vegan mayo and chickpeas instead of mayonnaise and […]

Quick homemade hummus

If you’re wondering how hard it is to make homemade hummus, look no farther–it’s easy! It’s a piece of cake to throw together and make your very own homemade version of this Middle Eastern treat. I’m posting my own personal version of how I make quick homemade hummus, but you can really alter it to […]

Vegan sushi ROlls

Who loves sushi? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t, so I assume you do too. Guess what– you can make your own so easily! Just buy a bamboo sushi mat from the store or Amazon and you’ll be on your way. Some of the other ingredients you might not have in your house are the […]

Vegan Tofu Lasagna

Yes, lasagna can be vegan!! I make this one with spinach, just to get some veggies in there, and tofu as my ricotta. If you like melty cheese on top, there are several really yummy vegan mozarellas you can try. Another lovely feature about this specific recipe is that you don’t have to pre-cook your […]